Term List – this list is formatted in the same way as is the Descending Road Glossary. New terms will eventually be incorporated in the full Glossary.


bally, bally rifle

a ballistic rifle used by the militias, the City soldiers, and the corpos (the armed hires of corporations). Useful where beam weapons, more easily detected, more unpredictable in their effects, present threats to their users.



a City militiaman sent to track down and detain deserters from the ranks.



a small city on the road between the Great City and the northeastern wilderness.



a small military town on the road between the City and the North Mines.




refers to another person belonging to the same coll, or major clan, of the peoples of Tarnus.



a mid-sized underground city in the far north. It is poorly-explored and lightly populated, and it holds many artifacts and their secrets.



a town on the rail route from the City, with a road leading to the small northeastern city of Burunios.




An alien presence.



a small, shrublike, tenacious conifer found in and above the upper tree-line of the whip-pines in the Muathen mountains. A forevergreen is barely recognizable as a tree at all – a typical specimen broadens out much more than it grows upward, so that an observer passing near one of them might easily mistake it for the native rock in which it roots tightly, except for the ring of scattered, stunted limbs bearing profusions of its fat spatulate leaves. These trees have rings ancient beyond the long ages preceding the arrival of humans, but genetic examination of the rings reveals several sudden shifts in their DNA composition over centuries of time after the Colonization, suggesting some kind of genetic-engineering intervention.



a little village at the northwestern fringe of the South Spine Ridge, occupied mostly by the Gellin Sintherou Coll people and an assortment of others, including escaped andros and even a few deserters from the hated Argazindar Coll. It is the easternmost settlement in the great Sleethe forest, with roads and trails fanning out into the trees to other sites from north to west.




a woman of Gellin Sintherou Coll working on the refugee pipeline in the Sleethe forest..



a birdlike predator creature, in mountain habitats, akin to the larger migratory orney. Their beaks are toothed. The span of a mature garhawks’s wings is about a meter and a half. They prey on marmots of all sizes such as the sinimalti, on the caolu birds they find lower down, and occasionally on newborn queeves (mountain sheep).



the alien name for a spiritual guardian or protector, given human language shape using coll-name roots.


Great Curl Ridge

a range of high mountains running west from the north end of the Soth Spine Ridge and curling north and then east tracing a ‘C’ with the North Mines at its top..



an Arcus Coll deserter from the City militia, of the Yaviures clan, son of Garvea.



Hard Road, The

A very-long, very-old highway, broad and usable but heaved, flooded, and broken in places, that runs from Purusil.on the western seacoast through Kiliasil northeastward, passing through the northern sprawl of the Sleethe’s pines and continuing to the North Mines at the edge of the mountains. This road continues on northeastward from the mines toward the underground city of Escaondar, but that stretch is difficult, with many breaches, gaps, and rockfalls.



An Arcus Coll insurgent working to free victims of the forced marches of the City’s relocations. His wife Nakiran calls him ‘Inkui’.



A corporate soldier, or corpo, serving ArCorp, the great technological and industrial combine under its leader Arlen, with power over much of the City.



A small western city on the Hard Road from the North Mines to Purusil.



a feral, swamp-dwelling feline often found living in human homes and farms and feeding on vermin. Very similar to the housecats of ancient Earth in size, temperament, and appearance.



An Arcus Coll fugitive, husband to Tellina..

Mountain wolf

A top predator in the Muathen mountain ranges, hinting the voltiari goats. Similar to the wolves of ancient Earth, but bearing coats with an outer layer of leaflike hairs that repel moisture. Their voices are highly varied. They seem to have minds capable of imaging.


An Arcus Coll woman, fleeing the relocation, sisters with Nakiran.




Inkurisar’s wife.


North Line

A long ridge of mountains in the far north of Muathen that begins in the west, north of the Northwest Marshes, ranging east to where it divides into a ridge passing north of the strange city of Escaondar, and a ridge bending south to the North Mines, where it merges with the Great Curl near the North Mines.



A Darko Hejj Coll deserter from the City militia..




a mountain sheep common in Muathen’s upper-level mountans. They are easily domesticated, and provide a wool far superior to that of domestic sheep. Their climbing ability helps keep them safe from ranging predators in the high snows and rock faces.




The daughter of Tellina and Mentrianos..



a feline predator of the plains, the largest of its kind, nearly the size and weight of a mid-sized autocart.



a marmot of the Muathen mountains and many other arid settings. There are many different species of sinimalt, but they interbreed so commonly that their morphological, anatomical, and metabolic variations give them some adaptive advantages of accommodation. They feed on all kinds of seeds and fruit, even the nut-hard seeds of the forevergreens in the mountain heights. They are a prime food source for garhawks (in the mountains) and the fehey (lower elevations). Mountain-dwellers among the colls domesticate the larger strains for both food and fur.


Sleethe, the

The greatest of the forests of Muathen extending from the South Spine Ridge in the southwest to the Great Western Bay. The road between Kiliasil and the North Mines traverses the.northwest breadth of the Sleethe.


South Spine Ridge

The high ridge of peaks, running from north to south, that separate Burunisil and the City from the Sleethe forests.



A mining engineer of the Gellin Sintherou.


A guard at the Gellin Sintherou.complex. He is a deserter from the Argazindar Coll, a paramilitary force used by the corps for extralegal assassination, murder, sabotage, and terrorism.





an agile mountain-dwelling herbivore, a mid-sized goat of the heights found in the Muathen ranges along the whip-pine tree line. Distinguished by having one long, large, sharp horn, usually the left one, and one small one opposite, the large horn growing toward the cranial centerline balancing the head evenly, narwhal- or unicorn-style. Voltiari feed on the pine fruit and the chillberries further down. They are the main prey for the mountain wolves.




a large, almost-bushy conifer found in the lower ranges of Muathen’s mountain ranges. These big trees, named for their soft, narrow, half-meter-long needles, grow to fifty meters in height and thirty from side to side. They bear squat, round cones that swell during maturation to give edible fruit between the cone’s bracts (The male trees bear fragile pollen sacs instead of fruit.)


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