A Virtual Walkthrough

Descending Road and its World Cover

The novel Descending Road has a three-dimensional, virtual-world, walk-through model of one of its most-important settings: the city called Tarnus. It’s online at the Kitely virtual-world site. A few illustrations are here, just to give you an idea. But there's a catch.

It's in a setting where you need to know how to get into it and out again, how to walk and fly, how to arrange how you look to others there, how you can chat and use audio, how to navigate unfamiliar places, and a lot more. There are two ways to explore that setting.

The easy way is to find a knowing friend who can give you a Zoom tour. Your friend will have the virtual-world know-how listed above. That way, you're taking a guided tour while your friend drives the virtual tour bus. 

The independent way is harder. You need to learn all the virtual-world know-how yourself. Here's a start. Once you've gotten equipped and trained, you're free to do your own tour or just wander around and click on what you find.

There are many displays and some animations. They touch on stories and themes in the novel, They add a lot of color. See what you think!

An older version of the virtual world of Descending Road's Tarnus City was built in Second Life. It was smaller, but it generated a YouTube video tour of that build. It's an easy eleven-minute run. That video tour is still available here.


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