REALITIES: Despair and Hope

We stop, look at one another… it’s what we do. I write about the human life I see as other write about it all as well. We share a mighty conversation.

A lot of what I write about the life around me is brief. Sometimes it’s edgy. Very few things make me happier than human kindness, harmony, and love; and very few things make me sadder than human cruelty, stupidity, and hatred.

The last twenty years or so have brought us all great sorrow and great joy, great destruction and great accomplishment, great despair and great hope. Some still try to drag the wreckage and chaos of the 20th century into the 21st, while many more resolutely rise to shrug off the nightmare past and move toward a radiant future.

As we go forward, I’ll be posting some of my essays here on our global drama. I hope they will bring you affirmation, hope, and resolve.

Here’s a sample reality. It might start a conversation.

Here’s the book itself. Something in it might inspire or motivate some real change.



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