The Complete E-Book

Get aboard your lander and dive onto a planet of adventure. A vast panorama awaits you in “Descending Road and its World”. The book wraps and weaves a sheaf of stories in a far world settled over twelve thousand years before by starship colonists from Earth.

Clans, dynasties, and cultures have come and gone, and now the world – Tarnus to its human dwellers – uncovers disturbing evidence of long-hidden and very-potent alien infiltration.

Those with power try to find advantage in dealing with these nonhuman beings, but others suffer from their mind-bending and dangerous qualities.

Conflict mounts, drawing clans, classes, and races into bitter underground war. Here is a rich, extended, multithreaded novel, with connected stories and appendices, all offering readers a deep plunge into a world quite familiar and yet utterly strange. Get yourself a copy and dive in. Here you go.


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