VAGABOND MIND: A Chronicle of Invention
An Introduction

Vagabond Mind Visual Tour

This is the long strange story of a mind’s traces on the journey of innovation.

Innovators start out lost, and stay lost through almost all of their explorations. Why? First, where they go there are no maps, or if somebody has made a map, it’s all wrong. Second, they can’t carry too much baggage or bring other people. Whatever they bring along can slow them down, weigh them down, make them quit, or even kill them. Third, they have to learn navigation as they go, because alien territory doesn’t have familiar signs to tell them what’s where. Fourth, they backtrack all the time, and sometimes they have to abandon good things they find.

You can read this story line-by-line, or you can read it dip-and-skip. It started out as a journal, but here you get summaries and observations to mark different stages. If you read closely, you might just find some little goodies I never had time or inclination to put together. Innovation is explosive, but sometimes the left-behind shrapnel, the rubbish, or the scat invites new journeys.

You can get the whole book here.

If you’re in a too-big hurry, you might like Vagabond Mind: A Visual Tour for your first plunge. You can come back here after that.

It's a work in progress. Here’s a sample of the whole big shaggy story.


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