“That’s a great world you’ve created, but I wouldn’t want to live there” – from a published pro writer.

Descending Road and its World Cover

AFA Finalist Award

Lose yourself in a mighty planet of adventure! Six main characters, their fates entangled, striving to survive. Ten clashing clans. A main saga in seven major stages, in 49 chapters holding more than 380 fast-moving scenes. Four teasers starting new stories in progress.

Bonus: You also get five novella-sized stories weaving in with the novel. You can find these stories in the Brain Wrecks collection, if you want to start there.

It’s all waiting for you in “Descending Road and its World”. Starship colonists from Earth landed on the planet Opo Bira Lima and survived for twelve thousand years. The planet kept a lot of secrets. Now the secrets are raising their heads.

Clans, dynasties, and cultures have come and gone, and now the world – called Tarnus by its human dwellers – leaks hints of potent, long-hidden, alien infiltration. Those with power try to find advantage in dealing with the aliens, but the creatures invade human minds and twist human biology. Conflict mounts, drawing clans, classes, and races into bitter underground war.

The author tells you in his own voice why he is writing this book. Here is the text. 


Ferdinand tries to kill the pain. The Scene. Scene Download.
The inquisitive Jeddin looks for answers. The Scene. Scene Download.
Young Andrew faces his desperate father. The Scene. Scene Download.
Arlen the magnate sees a business opportunity. The Scene. Scene Download.
Marra and her sister Deen find their minds occupied. The Scene. Scene Download.
Ezzar, wounded, is running out of luck. The Scene. Scene Download.


In PYRO, Tomas and his mother are about to suffer consequences from his street doings. The Scene. Scene Download.
In LEJINA'S SONG, Lejina encounters her favorite street poet, Winjilles Thringe. The Scene. Scene Download.
In EX MURO, a monster finds the key to his escape. The Scene. Scene Download.
In SULIMAR, Sulimar's story shows him getting a breakup letter. The Scene. Scene Download.


In PILLARS OF TIME, the fleeing Diamann gets lost in an immense forest. The Scene. Scene Download.

Here for you is a rich, extended, multithreaded novel, with connected stories and rich appendices, all offering you a deep plunge into a world quite familiar and yet utterly strange.

You can get there fast and free, online.

You can get there huge and wild, with your own copy.

You can eyeball its scenes and settings, get a taste.

You can do all three. Go ahead. Dive in.




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