The world of Descending Road holds some stories begun but not yet told. The writing is happening right now, as Derizan and his companions, escaping from a forced march into genocide, grapple with a flight into the unknown.

The new writing, in the form of new scene drafts, will be posted right here as it unfolds. There may be side trips. There may be changes and updates in those scenes as the fugitives struggle through the unfamiliar terrain of Muathen, the main continent of Tarnus.

Also new are some additions to the story’s setting and background. New glossary terms. New characters and relationships. New geography and maps. New articles about this sprawling planet and its wildlife, its weather, and even its ties into alternate worlds. You get it all.

The list of new scenes will appear below. It will grow. It will change. It’s a living thing.

Here's the Background scene.

Here's the first new scene, Scene 6, In the Cave.

Here's Scene 7, Arrivals.

Here's Scene 7A, Tellina (NEW SCENE INSERTED)

Here's Scene 8, A Meal and Some Visitors.

Here's Scene 9, Meeting the Escorts.

Here's Scene 10, The Climb Begins. (NOW UPDATED WITH MORE OF THE STORY)

Here's Scene 11, Down to Fornonck.

Here's Scene 12, Surprises.

Here's Scene 13, The Deserters. It has a lullaby.

Here's Scene 14, Greetings from the Gellin Sintherou.

Here's Scene 15, Tellina and Her Baby.

Here's Scene 16, On the Scent. It has doggies, but don't call them that.

Here's Scene 17, Underground Night.

Here's Scene 18, A Troubling Discovery.

And now we have two maps! The map of the Continent of Muathen, and a map of the Sleethe forest where the story is going.

Here is the growing set of additions to the Descending Road Glossary(UPDATED AND EXPANDED AS OF 6/15/2024)

More to come!


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