My purpose in building and shaping this Website is to share some of the best of my writing with you. I connect with a lot of people through the written word. Teaching online classes, writing fiction and nonfiction, teaching writing, creating articles and essays for magazines, corresponding with friends and business associates, all occupy a great part of my time. Writing is my way of life.

Two books are available for sale online: Brain Wrecks, a well-reviewed collection of short stories, and Descending Road and its World, a rich novel and its rich setting.

Descending Road and its World is offered in three ways.

  • The Complete E-Book is available in Kindle form.
  • The Living Book contains links to the whole fictional world and its stories, published in a tightly-linked webpage format usable on everything from desktops to mobiles. A good place to surf.
  • The Virtual Way In invites you into an online virtual world to explore one of the story settings by creating an avatar to stroll and explore using a 3D viewer.

Several other books are in progress, in various stages of completion. Preview samples are available for all of them.

There will be updates to the progress of the works, both here and in the social media. New samples will continue to appear here from time to time.

My fiction is all over the map. From tasteful romance to repellent horror, from near-future to utterly fantastic, from magic to quantum physics, from biotechnology to mind games, from humor to darkness and back.

Please read each Introduction first if you have any concerns about story content which is possibly offensive to some readers, or if you are reviewing the material for use with younger folks.

This Website is, like all things in life, an evolving entity. I may make further changes later in the way this is all organized.

Please, take a look. If you like something, let me know.

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