Scene 33  1560 4D

As Derizan stepped off the rungs, Piotras could not see him – his inner sight had engulfed his outer awareness. In his innerspace he gazed, smitten, on the vast splendor of Fiarsinhilh’s being. The alien seemed a vertical shaft of pulsing, potent light, speaking into him in soft, melting tones, asking, “Are you all right this way?”

“Yes,” he replied, stammering, “Are you some kind of… divine being, one that humans talk about?”

A chiming laugh. “I don’t know. The Singer doesn’t tell us what we are. It is our task to find that for ourselves. It is true for you too.”

“The… Singer? I don’t know anything about that. We die. That’s the end. We’re just andros.”

“No! You move on! You are human! Why do you think you’re not?”

“Our training tells us, from our beginnings in the vats. We die! Our lives are short!”

For a moment, light blazed, and Piotras cried out. Then Fiarsinhilh dimmed, and said, “You were fed lies. The people who corrupted my kind in the City are masters of lies. They lied to you as they trained you.” The tones of the alien’s voice in Piotras carried bitter dissonances. “I must speak with my host.”

# # #

Derizan watched as Piotras seemed to freeze in place, his eyes closed. He started to ask the andro if he was all right, but Fiarsinhilh murmured in him, “He and I are speaking in his innerspace. He is all right. Wait.”

A few moments passed, and then Fiarsinhilh said into Derizan, “I need to repair the damage done to him by the Zash of the City. This means I must enter him temporarily as I did your wife. After that, he will be well.”

“Does this mean I have to kiss him?” Derizan was glad that the exchange was not aloud.

“Yes. Do you have taboos or customs that forbid it? Some of you from my long memory come to mind.”

Derizan’s heart and stomach seemed to reel and change places, but he took a breath. “Well…”

“I know that many City people lack such concerns, but you are from a separate community within the City, a ‘coll’ is your word for it, isn’t it?”

“Yes. We limit such intimacies with strangers. But if it will heal Piotras, I will do it. Let me explain first to the others.” And he did. A few astonished looks, a few fumbled words, and then Astina laughed, dispelling the tension.

“Deriu, my husband, I will remind you of this later on. Whenever you get a bit too pious.” She paused. “If that ever happens.”

# # #

Piotras saw in his innerspace a blaze of blue-white light, and Fiarsinhilh said, “Here. I will reach into you to make some amends for what they have done to you. Let Derizan kiss you. I will come, and heal you, and return to him.”

The two men kissed.

Piotras felt a softness all through his body, as if he were turning liquid, and he heard, “Bear with me and breathe very deeply.”

Deep inside him, Fiarsinhilh touched the vibrant weave of his andro brain, Ever so delicately its knots of ingrained terror came untangled. Even more tenderly its seared alarms of trauma eased. Fear and horror drifted out and away.

Deeper yet, and the andro sensory overburdens of light and sound hushed enough to bring calm and peace.

Down into the genes in every cell, and the ticking clock of programmed andro death was stilled.

As breath after breath came and went, Piotras was drawn into new life, his spirits rising in a spiral of joy and gentle light. Love filled him with the fragrance of freedom.

The next kiss returned Fiarsinhiln to Derizan, and in that moment Piotras felt the uprooting of a great longing that made him call out inside, “Don’t leave me!”

“I’m always here in this greater world,” the alien said. “You speak the last shreds of your fear. Now you are free.”

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