Scene 32  1560 4D

“I’m coming down,” Astina called. Her mind reeled, burdened with Fiarsinhilh’s rush of story. How am I going to explain all this?

“I’m coming to you and Derizan!” Selech’s strained voice from below her. “Hang on!”

“No! Go back down! I’ll explain everything! Derizan is okay, but…”


“Just go back down. I’m right above you.”

Astina looked around at the people gathered at the base of the shaft. Piotras, sitting on the floor outside their circle and supported by Guinban and Munizkara, stared at her. She spoke to him. “Piotras, you know, don’t you?” 

“Y-yes. There’s an alien up there.” His voice was weak.

“It… he… she… I don’t know which, has a message for you and for all of us…” She swallowed.

“But I see it inside me! Its light burns! These things, they eat us!” Piotras, anguished.

“The ones in the City do that. This one is not one of them. It is with Derizan. It has been waiting here for many lifetimes, for him. It was left here as his protector.” She gestured to Tellina. “And it says that Derizan is your baby’s protector. Your baby is very important.”

“That’s a very nice story,” Inkurisar said, “But why believe any of it?” He frowned, and Selech nodded agreement.

Astina held up a hand. She started speaking, mystified at her words coming from some hidden source in her. “The City’s human rulers are at war with the colls, and we all know that. It’s the reason for our forced relocations like this one. But nobody knew that the rulers made a deal with some of the aliens to help them win that war. They corrupted many of the aliens to their cause, offering them human bodies to modify and human flesh to consume.”

Shocked faces. She paused. “The alien with Derizan is not one of these. It is noble. Derizan shared it with me long enough for me to learn much about its kind and their history. It does not want to come among us until Piotras can feel safe and unharmed by it.”

Questions fell like rain.

“Can Derizan come down without it?”

“Does it have a name?”

“What can it do?”

“What does it look like?”

She held up both hands. “It seems to travel with a human host. I don’t know how it was there before it came to my husband. Its name is… Fiarsinhilh, I think that sounds about right.” The inner memory given her spoke itself. “It’s one of a very-ancient kind that lives in many worlds. It can make changes in molecules and atoms. It experiences time in changing ways. It inhabits realms we do not have words for.”

“It told Deri that its presence here in your flow of time is meant to nurture and sprout humanity – us. It said that we humans are seeds of the Singer, so that we become more and more like itself, even greater, and we humans will rise out of time into eternity. It and its kind are servants of the Singer – I would guess that “the Singer” means the Creator. Its kind is bound to serve us. The City aliens fell from service. They were sent back to dissolve and begin again.” She shuddered.

Silence folded around the gathering. Piotras asked, “How will it be for me?”

Astina sighed, and the words came. “It is hard for you because of your enhanced senses. You see so much light! From infrared to ultraviolet! Fiarsinhilh will try to shield you from its radiance, but it will be a challenge for all of us.”

Piotras struggled to his feet. “Guinban, help me over to the shaft. Let me see how it is.” The two went to look up to where Derizan was waiting at the top. Piotras called, “Come down, one step at a time. I’ll tell you what happens to me.”

As her husband cautiously, slowly descended the rungs of the shaft, Astina studied the andro’s face. He’s brave. Such a sensitive, gaunt look to him, with that lank hair and those huge eyes. And it’s beautiful, the way Guinban supports him. Those two seem the best of partners. Oh. There.

Piotras winced, then recovered. He gasped out, “It’s okay. The alien made a shield for me. Tell him to keep coming!”


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