Scene 31  1560 4D

Astina reached up, touched Derizan’s ankle. “I’m here.” His glowlight, pinned to his coat, lighted his face as he looked down to her.

“Thank heaven,” he said. “I have to explain to you so that you can go back down and tell the others, especially Piotras.”

“Are you contagious? And why the andro?”

He chuckled a little. “We only have a little time before Selech gets impatient the way he always does. We were exploring the chamber above when I fainted, and an alien presence joined me.”

Fiarsinhilh muttered in him, “I like the delicacy of your words.”

“Alien? As in the aliens we heard about in the City?” Astina’s voice broke.

“Not like them! Not at all! This presence is named Fiarsinhilh. He – it – she, I’m not sure which, told me that Tellina’s baby is very important, and I’m supposed to protect the baby. This being is here to help me do that, I think.”

“Why not come down and tell everyone this?”

“If I do, Piotras will mistake this being for one of the City aliens, and everyone else will want it dead. And since I am its host, they will kill me.” His tone was flat.

Fiarsinhilh said into Derizan, “If you pass me to your wife, she will understand. Just kiss her. I will come back to you.”

Derizan stiffened, spoke aloud. “What?”

“I didn’t say anything,” Astina said. “Is it talking to you?”

“It wants me to let you experience it directly. The way I do.”

Astina worked her way up the rungs to face her husband directly, crowded as they were in the shaft. She glared. “Are you crazy? What is wrong with you?” As she spoke those words, she remembered in a flash the instant she had said exactly the same words when she had first met him.

They’d been so young, and he was so foolish. He’d been pranking her friends while his brothers laughed, turning their brewtanks upside down without spilling them, daring them to right the drinks. He’d turned to her and grinned, and said, “For you, I’ll flip them all back up again.”

Now, he grinned and kissed her.

# # #

Light blazed green, gold, red, then pure white in her brain. The shock took her breath away, and Derizan’s arm hugged her close to keep her from slipping. In her a soft voice spoke. “I am Fiarsinhilh, your husband’s guardian. He is himself the guardian of the Child, her Gellinkarn armor.” Before Astina could respond, knowledge flowed like a river into her, and she knew.

As the flow abated, Astina felt certainty move in her. She said inwardly, “But you’re an alien, yes? How is everything so vast for you and still so small?” And as she asked, she knew.

“Kiss him back,” the alien said. “I have given you more knowledge that I gave him. It is for you to keep until you are moved by dire need to share it. I must return to him now. You must go back down and tell your companions what you have learned here, but not all the deeper things. You will know.”

She kissed Derizan, and Fiarsinhilh was gone from her, leaving wisps of longing behind.


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