Scene 28  1560 4D

As Derizan wearily climbed down the long shaft behind the others, he spoke inwardly with Fiarsinhilh. “I’ve trusted you, but I have a lot of questions. You told me you are immortal, didn’t you? What does that mean? And if you have all the powers you seem to have, why do you think humans matter very much? Can’t you just do anything you want to do?”

Fiarsinhilh said, “I am not immortal. To you I seem that way, because you live inside the prison-path of time. But my kind is not immortal. We are… conditional. If one of us changes condition, the change may be to non-existence.”


“No. What you know as death is just a movement out of time and into the conditional – the state we occupy. You would call that state ‘heaven’.”

“Oh. But why are humans like me of any importance to you and your kind – the … what did you say you are?”

“We are Zashinhalh. Zash - that is the word of our shortest name, the one we use with you. But your folk has had other names for us. Angel. Demon. Devil. Vampire. Cannibal. Archon. Master, Demigod. We are none of these things. The Creator – the Singer, we say – composed us of harmony and melody.”

“Tell me more!”

“There are no words or ideas for more, not for you. If I try to tell you much more, I will ruin your body, your mind, and your soul.”

“Just a little more?”

“Stop moving down these rungs first.”

Derizan paused. Into him came a blast of twined light and darkness, stopping his breath and his heart. He clenched in pain, and the feeling passed.

“Derizan!” Ajina called up to him. “Are you all right?” She was many rungs down.

He gasped out, “I just needed to stop and rest. I’m coming.” To Fiarsinhilh he voiced inwardly, “Please don’t do that again!”

“You asked me to. Now do you understand?”

“It was like putting my finger in a power coupling. Look, if you have all that kind of power, why do you care about humans? Can’t you just do everything here yourself? You don’t need me!”

A pause, as Derizan resumed his descent. Then Fiarsinhilh said slowly, “Your kind are seeds of beginnings in time. Our presence here in your flow of time means the nurturing and sprouting of these seeds of the Singer, so that you become more and more like us, and you rise out of time into the eternal. In this we are merely instruments of the Singer. We are bound to serve you.”

Derizan moved down, rung by rung, absorbing this. Then he recalled their first meeting. “You told me of the Child that Tellina is carrying. Is the Child like you?”

“Oh, no! The Child – her mother has named her Samantine – is in human form, but she bears for all of you what you cannot bear yourselves. She will teach you in ways you can bear.”

“So she is important!”

“Very important. So important that many lives will be given for her safe life among you.”

“Should I tell the others all this? They should know!”

“Not just yet. When we reach the others below, there will be a cusp of events. You would say a ‘crisis’. For now. discretion is wise.”

“What if they knew right now?” And Derizan, pondering, slowed his descent in the shaft.

“They would kill you.”


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