Scene 24  1560 4D

Brilliant light bathed Derizan where he lay. He shut his eyes protectively, and tried to draw a breath. A sweet and pungent aroma flooded his mouth and nostrils with a spicy tang. He moved arms and legs a little, slowly gathering himself to look for Ajina and the others. Squinting, he looked up.

Light surrounded him. Facing him, a vertical pillar of gold took on human form and spoke.

“Good. It is good. You have come at last.” The golden figure held its right hand out in the same gesture as Derizan had seen on the wall. “I am one of the Zashinhalh, long set to assist you in your journey for the Child.” Its voice was soft, gentle, its whispered consonants the stirrings of leaves on some autumn tree. Derizan sensed a warmth: the figure was smiling. “You are time-bound, and I will answer your questions. But first you must choose to take me into you.”

“What do you… Who are you… What do you mean?”

“Hardships lie ahead of you, all of you. If we are embodied together, I will ease your travels and your trials. I cannot do that when I am separated from you.”

“What if I don’t want you inside me?” Derizan felt both his own petulance and his need for caution.

“You will fail.” The tone was flat, final.

“I’ve heard about you, whatever you are. Your kind are all over the City, they say. Some of you are close with the leaders. You control some of us like puppets, I’ve heard.” He tried to rise to stand, but weakness overcame him.

A feeling of sadness, a dimming of the light, came over Derizan. Words, formed in sorrow, came. “You are right about these others of my kind. We are not of one… mind. The ones you hear about have broken our way. They suffer an… illness – that is your word for it – one that devours our light. Maybe ‘addiction’ is a better meaning.”

“So, tell me, what is this Child you are telling me about? Before I decide anything, I want to know more.”

A silence as the light welled and diminished, bringing hints of color and fragrance. The golden figure spoke again. “I will give you a shorter form of my name. I am Fiarsinhilh, one of the protectors sown in this planet in its youth to nurture its life. For millions of years I have coursed across the seas and the lands, feeding the skeins of each life-tale, coming at last to this place to be bound to the wall-creature, and await you.”

An immense weight seemed to bear down on Derizan as the figure spoke. He gasped and his head sank down. “Ah, I am overburdening you. Here, breathe.” And the heaviness vanished.

“Who is the Child?” Derizan whispered, still gathering air.

“A woman travels with you, the life quickening in her. She will bear the Child in human form. In dreams it has told her of you... and me. This Child will begin the transformation of your world. Before it begins its task, it will need you. You are its… Gellincarn, its living outer armor. Without you, its task will overcome it.”

Derizan’s words poured unbidden from him. “I am nothing more than an ordinary man! I have no power, no powers, no weapons! My family, my friends – I rely on them to help me! How am I going to do anything more?”

The light blazed. Fiarsinhilh said, “With me, you will be strong, and you will be prescient. Take me into you. There is no price to pay for this. Those of my kind in the City force a price on those they occupy. I do not occupy. I share presence. I am a song of the Singer.” As these words came, a great coruscation of color and melody bore over Derizan with scent and softness.

Stupefied, he murmured, “The Singer?”

“Yes. The Singer utters all things.” The light stilled and stayed, drawing the golden figure toward pure whiteness.

Derizan drew in a great breath, feeling a mighty hunger for truth. “I take you in,” he said, and he exploded.


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