Scene 19  1560 4D

In her bunk in the Gellin Sintherou refuge, Tellina dreamed. She reclined in a high place, warm cushions around her, soft light almost like a bright fog filling her vision. I’ve been here before.

A shining presence came near to her, hovered over her, radiating light that felt like love itself. Warmed, she stretched, arched her back, saying to the presence, “It is good to see you again.”

A laugh that made music. “It is all one moment. You are remembering the instant we gave you this gift.” The presence touched her waist momentarily, and her whole being began to sing, and she knew herself in its lyrics. “You are bearing a daughter,” the presence told her. “She will speak to you. She will tell you things that no one knows.”

“Who are you?” Tellina asked, knowing that no answer had come. The presence drifted away, back into her memory. She drowsed, hearing her husband’s slow breathing from his bunk above her, a whisper of air from the vent in the chamber’s ceiling. The darkness was lit only by a small glowlight on the wall opposite the bunks.

“Mother.” A gentle voice. Tellina turned her head, but saw no one. Her belly stirred, and she rested her hand there. “Mother, they are waiting for us. You are traveling to them. Be patient. I will be with you soon. Choose your flowers well.”

She murmured sleepily in response, “Samantine.”

The voice hummed in agreement. “Honor and blessing are yours, my mother. Here,” and Tellina sensed an insistent flow of lyric song run through her, and past and future and depths of time bloomed in it, and then it faded, its enchantment dissolving into the air around her as a single word came clearly: “Derizan.”


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