Scene 15  1560 4D

“Where are you taking us?” Mentrianos asked the woman escorting him and Tellina. They were led silently down the root corridor and turned aside into a second passage, ending up in a small chamber with beds and a table, the ceiling woven of knotted roots.

They cleaned up, and Tellina sat on one of the beds with relief. Her baby kicked a few times, and she crooned a few notes in response.

The three of them sat, the couple on one bed, the woman on the other. She said to them, “I’m Galanaisa. You are Arcus Coll, yes?” She wore a long purple wrap with a hood curled back to show her gray hair. Her brows rose as she spoke.

“Yes,” said Mentrianos. “We got caught in the relocation. The rest of our family moved out of our City zone and got away before the soldiers and the corpos came.”

Galanaisa nodded. “A familiar story. They must be targeting Arcus Coll now. We’re all Gellin here, all but a few of us. But I took you aside because of your baby. It’s an unusual situation.”

“It is, for us!” Tellina gave a bright smile.

“Of course it is! But it’s more than you know. She needs special protection and care. You have named her Samantine, yes? ‘Divine Spark’ in Arcus dialect?”

Tellina gaped, spreading both hands over her belly. “How did you know all that??” Mentrianos bristled.

Galanaisa smiled. “Don’t worry, be at peace now. She’s safe in this place. There are corridors through time here, and once in a while we traverse them.”

“I dreamed, and she told me her name. Did you have that dream too?” Tellina, bending forward in curiosity.

“As I said, there are corridors, passageways through time – and space. Dreams take us through them. But there are other ways too.” Galanaisa showed a half-smile. “We also learned that safety here may be short-lived, and you must take Samantine north and east, and soon.”

Mentrianos challenged her. “Why haven’t you told the others too?”

Galanaisa shook her head and held up her forefinger. “We’re not sure of the loyalty of some others in your group. We take no chances.”

“So maybe that soldier and the andro aren’t what they tell us?” Tellina spoke, remembering that she had told Astina and Munizkara about her dream.

“I’m not saying that. Even in the best of coll families, there are betrayals. Please,” she said to the couple, “Don’t tell them anything, except maybe that I wanted to check the baby’s health. Oh, and I’ve done that already. She’s fine. Here, let me get you some good clothing for this cold. You have a long way to go.”


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