Scene 7A  1560 4D

She sipped the ox broth slowly at first, then finished her tin with two good gulps. Her baby gave a series of little kicks, as if in pleasure. She patted her belly where the kicks had come. Are you happier now, she mouthed. She and Mentrianos sat near the tiny fire, their backs against an uneven stone wall.

“Tellina,” her husband whispered. “Is everything going well with your lively little thing?” He cleared his throat as light smoke wafted through the cave.

“Oh, Meni, if we could only get to shelter soon! These collines have taken us in, but they’re running just like us. What’ll happen if I have to deliver in a place like this? And stop calling her “little thing”. I’ve given her a name.”

Mentrianos looked surprised. “A ‘she’? How did you decide it’s a girl?”

Tellina shook her head. How am I going to explain this to him? It’s not as if I’ve ever been told any of this. She sat up straight, facing him. “You’ve got to hear me out. It’s strange. Nobody has ever told me about things I’ve been through with this baby. But please, just listen.”

He nodded, his hand on hers. “Tell me.”

What a sweet man I have. “You told me I talk in my sleep. A lot. The dreams I’m having don’t feel like dreams at all. They feel real, more real than this life itself.” She paused.

“You’ve said this before.”

“Yes but now they’re about… our baby. I’m sure of it. Before we got swept up and put on the train, you know, the last night in the City, I was in a dream walking up this long, wandering path up through a forest. A woman was standing in the path ahead of me. I came to her and her face started to shine like a light, all radiant. ‘Mother’, she said, and she put her arms around me, and I felt her warmth and light all through me. ‘Mother, I am Samantine. You will bear me soon. Honor and blessing is yours.’ I repeated, ‘Samantine’, holding her close. ‘Samantine’, I asked her, ‘Tell me of your light.’ She looked in my eyes, and I saw into time and… out of time. I started to shake and tremble with the shock of it. ‘Forgive me!’ I cried to her, and she vanished, and the dream ended.”

Mentrianos didn’t speak. Tears ran down Tellina’s face. Then he said softly, “Samantine. What did she look like?”

Tellina stared, blinked away tears. “Just – I don’t know… she smiled, her face was so bright! Too bright! But what does this mean? I don’t understand at all.”

“Maybe we can learn more about it from the Fandarinn weirds,” he said.

She snorted. “Those witch women? Hah!”

Astina, sitting nearby, had heard Tellina’s dream story. She came closer and said softly, “This sounds important. Why not enter more dreams, look for the stories of others, or search the traditions and the records?”

Tellina tilted her head back, looking up through the smoke at the cave’s rough ceiling. “I hope we can learn more before she comes out of me. This is a hard flight out of a bad place.”

Astina nodded. “May I share this with the other women? Maybe they’ve learned something you’ll need.”

Tellina nodded. It felt good to have others help her. She looked up as Munizkara came and held out her hand.

“More broth? Your little girl would like that, wouldn’t she?”

Tellina handed the tin over.


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