My writing spans a broad range of fiction and nonfiction, with some works most comfortable combining the two. Everything I write is infused with the common themes of challenge and inspiration, of the great human journey in all its many shades of darkness, light, and color. I’m happy to talk in person or online about these themes, to engage with others on this journey in mutual support and harmony.

I’ll do interviews, podcasts, videos, and more, on things like our human future, our embrace of science, our need for unity and peace, our desperate need for moral and ethical navigation, our dire problems of wealth and poverty, our incredible power of imagination. Examples: working with the human genome, mining the vast field of data in astronomy, unraveling the dance of mathematics, music, and the human brain, exploring how we read and write in the digital world, exposing the weaknesses of too much technology.

Email me (use the Contact address here). You can also visit me on Facebook for a chat. We can even do a Zoom audition!

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